“Hands On Hands Off” 2017 – Degree Show

  Video at: https://www.instagram.com/p/BUAM0qkDZgt/?taken-by=laura.rowe.art The theory and thinking behind it: Doorhandles are objects that provide real life Semiotics. The symbolise a door even when mounted on the wall or laid on a table. They indicate that a action needs to take place and with that action they are an extension of the body. For my... Continue Reading →


Raspberry Pi, how I understand it and how it works in my Degree Show Piece.

The Raspberry Pi. Hardware Background. The Raspberry Pi is a very cheap small single board computer developed in the United Kingdom, in 2006, to promote the teaching of basic computer science in schools and developing countries. It is very simple to programme  and it has a number of features like the 40 general input output... Continue Reading →

Ideas and Sketches for Degree Show…

  Is the door to obvious/ overdone? The handles are more exciting. They become extensions of the body. Do I exaggerate this movement, how do I create surprise. Using just the handles without the door, eliminates the physical door however it's still present by association, a link or key to the door, representation of one... Continue Reading →


The term vernacular is derived from the Latin vernaculus, meaning "domestic, native, indigenous" Vernacular architecture designed based on local needs, availability of construction materials and reflecting local traditions. The specific design of things based of necessityf The material vernacular series presents ethnographic, historical and comparative accounts of material and visual culture manifest in both the everyday and extraordinary lives of individuals... Continue Reading →

Organising IRIS TURNS

OXO_IrisTurns_A5 Iris Turns press release This whole year show took a lot of organising, I was part of a small team that found the venue (Bargehouse, Oxo tower) and organised the event. Including setting up fundraisers and an indigogo page. I was responsible for collecting proposals for everyone exhibiting and coming up with an initial... Continue Reading →

Elmgreen & Dragset and their influence on my practice.

Powerless Structure (2008) Elmgreen & Dragset have redefined the way in which art is presented and experienced. Drawing from disciplines as divergent as institutional critique, social politics, performance and architecture, in their sculptures and installations the artists reconfigure the familiar with characteristic wit and subversive humor. Their work raises issues around social models and social... Continue Reading →

Curating IRIS TURNS 

Bargehouse wanted a curatorial plan for the show before we arrived on site for the install along with a risk assessment, having visited the space and collecting sketches of everyones work I put together an initial curatorial plan. Certain people needed to know the exact room to make something site specific like myself so I... Continue Reading →

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