‘Memory Like a Sponge’ (2017)


After casting my last two sponges, I wondered how they would work being cast in their temporal twisted/ squished state. Again I cast them in Alginate but this time I had to make a two part mould. First I had to get the actual sponge to be rigid in the shape I wanted to cast. I did this using a combination of water and clamps. I dried and stayed in shape perfectly. This time instead of making them hollow I cast them solid as because they were twisted anyway if they warped it would not matter.


They turned out really well, their was a bit more work to be done on these compared to the last two, as the spurs had to be attached onto the outside of the piece losing the texture of the sponge underneath. Once I had cut them from the tree and linished the spur off I had to go back in and add the texture back. I did this with a combination of a hammer and hitting it against gravely concreate, to get a natural texture.


Again I patternated them green and black like the last two. When working on them I noticed that they felt very natural to hold in your hand mimicking the way you would grip a sponge. I though that visually this would look interesting having different hands (a man’s and a woman’s) gripping the sponge in this way.




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