“You Can Handle Me” and “Dropped”- IRIS TURNS 

Title: ‘You Can Handle Me’ 2017

Medium: Interior door and timber

Description: Doors are bilateral objects, they hold the power to simultaneously welcome you in and turn you away. This work explores the natural affordence of the door and it’s handle by subverting their function, doing the unexpected and going against predetermined expectations.

This is the first site specific piece I have done, unlike in the crit show the door is perfectly fit to the space, which makes moves the door away from being a stage prop and closer to a strange encounter. the Step up is the main problem with the work, if the platform had continued either side of the door until it met the sides of the space them maybe it would have been less jarring with the aesthetic of the space and the door. Ideally I would have done away with it all together but the structure was necessary so the door would stand. I like the strangeness of the pristine white interior door in the building site like space, The same with the frame although maybe I could have clad it in an interior door frame. When I designed this door and came up with the idea I knew i wanted it in a doorway, where people could still walk around the sided making its presence as a barrier pointless and even comical. Yes it is a one liner but I feel like that is the point.

Title: ‘Dropped’ 2017

Medium: Bronze

Description: This hard to spot object lies in wait of discovery. The apparent abandoned, dirty sponge does not look all that out of place, overlooked when tidying away. However, it’s properties and weight remain undiscovered.

The funny thing was that it’s placement was almost too easy to overlook especially at the private view where it kind of became a trip hazard, apart from the potential of people getting hurt this notion was actually quite humorous. The idea that people discover its existence by accident and at the same time discover its properties as the stub their toe.


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