“Hands On Hands Off” – Design and Making 

I started working on this piece two weeks before easter. There were a few element that I needed to make that would not change regardless of the design so I got on with them first. I cut, bent and drilled over thirty brackets for the red buttons to sit in for the handle to hit. I also got the basic coding done and made up over thirty buttons and the circuits to go with the raspberry pi.

I initially wanted the handles just to be mounted on a fake wall with all the workings behind, however after a tutorial and the suggestion that I go look at some showrooms I changed this idea for the handles to be curated on square panels of veneer.


I designed the piece to be a column with a removable side so i could rig up all the electrics, this meant that the viewer even if they do not touch the handles are still interacting with the piece just by walking around to see each side.  I wanted the column to reach the ceiling of the studio but I would have to buy 10ft boards which were at least twice the price as 8ft ones. After thinking about it I decided it was worth the money as an 8ft column would be more of a plinth than a column.

See Design Above.

I manage to get hold of around forty handles for free from showrooms. So a week or so before install I curated them into the eight panels and decided upon which panels went where. The only thing left to do was decide the colour of the column. I was conserned if it was white it would look like a plinth but after a tutorial with Johnathan Parsons he pointed out that if I was making a sculpture this would be the case but if the column was simply a wall for the work to sit on then white would work. The column was never designed to be the work just the structure it sat on so I went with white.


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