Elmgreen & Dragset and their influence on my practice.

Powerless Structure (2008)

Elmgreen & Dragset have redefined the way in which art is presented and experienced. Drawing from disciplines as divergent as institutional critique, social politics, performance and architecture, in their sculptures and installations the artists reconfigure the familiar with characteristic wit and subversive humor. Their work raises issues around social models and social spaces, and prompts a re-thinking of the status quo.

These are one liners but what makes them work is that they are part of a series.


The Future (2013) Elmgreen & Dragset Photo: Jan F. Lindsø

Set into wall, as if it is an existing door, regain the element of surprise lost by creating a object like I did with Bargehouse. However it is tricked because I believe that it was the very fact you expected the object to do something due to its setting/ build that it is successful by doing nothing at all, maybe it did not need to open in this case.

The work knows it’s in a gallery.


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