Curating IRIS TURNS 

Bargehouse wanted a curatorial plan for the show before we arrived on site for the install along with a risk assessment, having visited the space and collecting sketches of everyones work I put together an initial curatorial plan. Certain people needed to know the exact room to make something site specific like myself so I took this into consideration, and curated the space based on the sketches and my knowledge of their work from crit show.


This initial plan was subject to change on the day. When we arrived I told people to take the work up to the rooms and then leave so the curatorial team could move work about and decide on the install before we started. Amber and I did a walk around and moved stuff around, their were a few major changes, work that turned out to be nothing like what was proposed. We also wanted to talk to a few people about their intensions as some people had limited the scale of their work which subsequently shrank when placed in the vast space of the Bargehouse.


After these conversations we convinced a few people to alter their work to respond to the space.


Themes began to emerge within each room, work started to form dialogues between one another.






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