“You Can Handle Me” and “Dropped”- IRIS TURNS 

Title: 'You Can Handle Me' 2017 Medium: Interior door and timber Description: Doors are bilateral objects, they hold the power to simultaneously welcome you in and turn you away. This work explores the natural affordence of the door and it's handle by subverting their function, doing the unexpected and going against predetermined expectations. This is... Continue Reading →


“You Can Handle Me” (2017)- CRIT SHOW 2

  I feel like I kind of cheated for this crit show. I designed this specifically for the bargehouse show and I put it into the crit show just before bargehouse. It did not really work in the space, peoples reactions upon realising its design were interesting although it looked a lot more like a... Continue Reading →

Doors, Doors, Doors…

Like with the keys I like working with bilateral objects, objects that contradict themselves like with the keys and I am interested in the status of doors/ doorways at the moment. How they hold the power to simultaneously welcome you in and shut you out. I want to subvert there nature and that is what... Continue Reading →

It’s all in the title…

“7½-Ton Cube” (1990) Charles Ray's work is all about weight and size, what you think you are looking at is not what you are looking at. Balance. Simple but effective. what is the real. a cube an inch longer than it is wide we only know this because we are told it. The title proves... Continue Reading →

Initial Degree Show Proposal…

Describe simply the project you will develop for the degree show 2017.  To make three doors that are free standing, none of them will do what you expect them to do. One will open upwards with fake hinges, another will contain multiple handles with only one opening the door, the last one will either not... Continue Reading →

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