Ideas and Sketches for Degree Show…


Is the door to obvious/ overdone?

The handles are more exciting. They become extensions of the body. Do I exaggerate this movement, how do I create surprise.

Using just the handles without the door, eliminates the physical door however it’s still present by association, a link or key to the door, representation of one domestic object by the presence of another.

Ive tried the door but maybe it needs to be stripped back to just the handles and their relationship to the body and a specific domestic movement

I don’t think my work needs to be over complicated with hiring dancers/ performers the performance is done by the audience and as such it is still routed in the domestic, not over-glamorised. It is what it is and they shy it works. The key is in its simplicity, not too many elements.

Ideas like what if the door handle was the size of a door, or was a door. Or we are overwhelmed with a vast number of handles on a wall, going no where, unleashing sounds, acting a triggers rather than handles.



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