Potential Development of “Bells and Whistles” with a Raspberry Pi

When I was making Bells and Whistles I was thinking about whether I could attach balls with different notes to each handle and then create and memorise sequences that would make certain pieces of music. This might of got complicated and short of writing the letter of the note above the handle I don’t think it would have worked and in any case it would have lost its interactivity as people would find it difficult to recreated the sequence. I wondered if their was a way of creating a signal to pull a specific handle in sequence, a flashing light or something like those games you get in the science museum. I was talking it through with my dad and he said that it was more than possible to do it using a raspberry pi. Basically with a sequence of coding a relay board and LED lights I could signal for each light to come on in sequence (see above) which in turn could be installed above the handle with the note it related to. For this demo I chose Ode To Joy an iconic piece of music that everyone would know and has significance in connection to the EU referendum.

The code was a little complicated but basically you send a signal from the raspberry pie that turns on a switch in the relay board which in turn turns on the light.


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