“Dropped” (2017) – Reflection

The problem with ‘One of these is not the same’ was that by putting the sponges on the shelf I was highlighting their material, instead of treating the sponge in the same domestic throw away nature of how we would treat an actual sponge, I was glorifying it. So I took a leaf out of Gavin Turk’s book and discarded the precious object on the floor for people to kick and trip over or simply no see all together. Because the sponge is so small by placing it on the floor as if it was dropped the room swallows it up, especially in the studio where there is so much stuff around. Rather than forcing viewers to ‘experience’ the sponges on the shelf. Like with Turk and Susan Collis this presentation allows the viewer to discover something themselves. It is am more natural encounter with the object that makes its materiality even more strange upon discovery. The presentation does not need to tell you something, the shelf acted as a pedestal operating in a historical, traditional, formal way, linking to bronze busts and marble sculptures the shelf makes what is placed on it worthy.

Bronze is not a temporal thing, the subject of the work is the thing not its material. Their is an element of humour to the work, the notion of someone completely missing it and stubbing their toe or tripping up over it. What if the only thing in the room is a sponge. It becomes a remnant, something that was forgotten in the clean up of the space, worthless and used. This gives the object the absence of status. Becoming this almost comical, lost thing.


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