Doors, Doors, Doors…

Like with the keys I like working with bilateral objects, objects that contradict themselves like with the keys and I am interested in the status of doors/ doorways at the moment. How they hold the power to simultaneously welcome you in and shut you out. I want to subvert there nature and that is what I am working on at the moment with designs for doors that do the unexpected.


“The Unexpected Answer” (1933), Rene Magritte

Magritte on talking about doors “The problem of the door called for a hole one could pass through,” Magritte explained  But how to solve this problem without recourse to the boring expedient of  simply opening the door, which is, after all, what every closed door wants? “ Let us make a hole in the wall beside the door panel, a hole that is also a door panel, a hole that is also an exit – a door.” On second thought, he can do better: “Lets us further improve this juxtaposition by reducing the two objects to one: the hole goes quite naturally into the door panel. And Through this hole we see darkness; this last image seems to be enhances yet again if we light up the invisible thing hidden by the darkness, for our gaze always wants to go further and to see  at last the objects, the reason for our existence.” \ It’s the door that makes the mystery, and Magritte’s door, with its peep –show view to a room full of shadow, is even more mysterious than a closed door.



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