Initial Degree Show Proposal…

Describe simply the project you will develop for the degree show 2017.

 To make three doors that are free standing, none of them will do what you expect them to do. One will open upwards with fake hinges, another will contain multiple handles with only one opening the door, the last one will either not open at all, block entrance to a space or only open a crack. The doors will create their own territories, almost with invisible walls stemming from the sides of the frame. The doors will be pointless as the viewer could simply walk around them.


Adjusting a space to make an orchestra of door handles. Ideally a open space so the player has to physically run from note to note. I would hire a musician to play these handles acting almost like a conductor. This would be filmed and shown alongside the work to indicate the viewers to interact themselves. 

Why are you proposing this particular project?

I have developed a curiosity for thresholds and the bilateral nature of certain objects like keys, doors and levers in addition to my ongoing interest in the functionality of things. As well as things doing the unexpected. These projects would give me the opportunity to create unexpected functions within either idea and by making the objects intractable the audience become performers within the work.

It is basically about the tension objects like doors, leavers and keys hold. I intend to diffuse this tension with the doors and how you can walk around them essentially making them pointless. Where as with the handles the tension is present in the form of the unknown. 

What are the areas of research you are covering?

I have been researching bilateral objects looking into their definitions and symbolic nature as well as looking at artist that deal with thresholds and territories.

Who are you looking at and reading to inform the project?

Theory I have been looking at include:

  • Concrete Comedy, David Robbins
  • The Work of Art in The Age of Mechanical Reproduction, Walter Benjamin
  • A Political Ecology of Things, Jane Bennett
  • Alien Phenomenology – Ian Bogost
  • Paraphernalia – Steven Connor
  • Immaterialism of Objects – Graham Harman
  • The garden of Forking Paths


  • Tim Lewis
  • Gavin Turk
  • Duchamp


Why would this project define your three years at Farnham?

 I have developed an interest in objects over my time at Farnham, in particular surrounding the functionality of common, utilitarian objects. This project will combine these interest with my newer interest in the bilateral to create a piece that encompasses my thoughts regarding objects/tings in an interactive way something that I have only recently though possible within my work.

Is it a relational interactive work, a project or discursive work or an exhibition, a presentation of works?

The doors are interactive objects to be placed in an open space preferably containing other works (by other artists).


The door handle ‘orchestra’ would again be interactive but the would be a scheduled performance by a musician at the private view/ additional times, that would be shown alongside the work.


What would be the Space you would need to action this

For the doors I would require a large open space the doors do not have to be shown in the same room in fact I think they would work better spread out.


 The door handles would ideally require a largish open space, something like the linear gallery would work or one large, long singular wall.

What are the references that have informed this decision?

The artist and theory above.

As well as exhibitions I have attended;

  • Tim Lewis, Mechanisms at the Flowers Gallery
  • Gavin Turk, Who, What, When, Where, How and Why? At Newport Street Gallery
  • Dolly Kershaw, Mass and Momentum at The Mirror Gallery

What materials and resources will you require?

For the doors I would require 3 doors and door frames, multiple door handles, hinges and gloss white paint. All doors will be the same, size colour and design. And access to the workshops, the doors would have to be made in the space/ near due to their size.


For the orchestra of handles I would require mdf and timber to construct a false wall to mount the bells on, multiple door handles and at least two octaves worth of bells.

What support would you need to realise the project.

Potential technical support to drill into the floor.


 Potential technical support to construct a false wall.

What is the overall projected cost of the project?

Each door is around £50, Door Handles £10 each x 10 max. Paint £50. Door frame £100. Hinges £50. So Around min £450-£600 max


Door Handles £10 each x 20-30. Bells £40 per octave. MDF wall around £100. So Min £380 – £600 max.

Who is the audience for the work, what prior knowledge if any do they require?

The audience can be quite broad, they will require some indication that the works are interactive, whether this be through placing a participant, signage or video evidence.


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