Setting up Tarmac…

I think this was the first time we had actually visited a space before installing the work, which meant that we could start to think about the curation of the space before hand. Ww knew that we would have three free standing sculptures by Chris, James and myself. Other than that Amber made some banners that where intended to go in the foyer on the back wall as you enter the building and a number of wall based things that we decided to wait to curate.

When we got their it became apparent that Amber had be given the wrong measurements for the foyer and her banners that she got made to fit would not. It was important for the work that you could see them both at a distance and close up, so we decided to build the show around them. Amber was a little deflate about the mix up but I suggested that we try them on the long wall of the gallery that meets you as soon as you walk in. We measured it out and tried it and I thought it worked really well, a bold text piece as you walk in draws you in and sets off the whole exhibition.

After we decided that thing began to fall into place, John’s film mimicked the digital blue of the banners and formed a dialoge between the two. More links formed between John’s and Ariel’s on adjacent walls. In complete contrast to this sea of technology there was more tactile, physical pieces by Charley, Lily, James and myself more focused on materiality and objects. Then their was Chris who created a combination of the two.

Initially we installed the sculpture in a line in the middle of the room, but once we stood back it look very strange and linear. So we spent some time moving them about.




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