‘Sinking Sponge’ (2017) at Lewisham Art House ‘Tarmac’

It felt like I had been working on this piece for ages, I started the bronze in September and have been working on little bits up until the show. As result it was a strange thing seeing it in the show. Maybe it was a bit overworked, perhaps putting the sponge in a bucket or a bath would have worked better. However, I think that this set up works well at highlighting the displacement of function of the object. The elevated position of the sponge makes it seem important, essentially the display is a plinth so it draws on the conventions of the museum and the elevated status plinths give objects.


The intention was for people to look up into the tank and see the sponge from all angles, being able to scrutinize its materiality and realize it is not what it appears. The addition of the bubbles meant that the vision was obscured increasing the time needed to discover the work. The bubbles dissipate throughout the show, making it durational.



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