The Stand in Sponge…


I guess it is the nature of bronze, and the amount of time and invisible labour that goes into making something in bronze but when pouring my bronze into the ceramic shell, the foundry broke. I still have the ceramic shell and it can be poured once the furnis is up and running again, however I do need a bronze sponge for my piece in Lewisham in January. There is a chance that we will be able to pour the week before the exhibition but I need a back up sponge just in case it does not work. Luckily I had a sponge still in wax form. I thought about making one in plaster but as it was going to be encased in a tank of water I thought wax would be better as it is not water soluble.

I used a combination a spray paint in layers and boot polish to achieve a look alike sponge. Although it is not bronze it still has a strangeness about it especially when held. people either expect it to be an actual sponge spray painted to look like a bronze sponge or an actual bronze sponge. either way they are weirded out when you pass it to them. plus the surface looked a bit like moon rock.



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