Useless keys…

Something that has been going through my head for a while as an idea, has been a set of useless keys. I wanted to replicate my own keys using key rings and cards that are on my original set that would contrast with the new shiny uncut keys i had collected, I wanted this piece to be subtle, easily misable although it might be in danger of becoming a one liner. The interesting thing happened when I left the keys in the studio, over a number of days I had people coming up to me saying ‘don’t forget your keys’. The trick had worked but I think it was only because of the importance we place on keys, another uncut object or even a single uncut key would no have the same effect. It was because the object seemed personal and important that people cared about it. The key rings and supermarket key fobs where enough for people to believe in the fake keys authenticity completely looking past the uncut keys, seeing what they wanted to see. This works better with the object than the image as people tend to scrutinise an image more than and object. There is a certain realness to objects, they are tangible, we can touch them as well as look at them me are programmed in this day and age to detect fakery in an image but we trust objects.

During a tutorial with Johnathan Parsons he pointed out to me that the keys were not useless instead they were awaiting to be assigned their function. In short these keys were far from useless instead they held a potential to unlock any lock. This got me into thinking about other objects the appeared useless/function less but instead were just blanks awaiting assignment.


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