Installing and working with Andrew Hardwick on his exhibition ‘Wilderness’ at South Hill Park.

I’m not a painter but installing Antony’s work was a real learning curve. I have been used to installing your averages sized canvas or framed picture but the abstract work of Andrew was not only vast in size but along with that very heavy. 

The curation of this exhibition was different too.We quite often work with a group of artist where all the world have to be included and managed so they work together or with an individual who brings just enough work to fill the space. However Andrew brough way more work than would fit the space so we could create the most interesting combination tailored to the space. 

It was interesting to see how the artist transported his work, in a trailer covered in blankets, fitting with the type of work and his methods of making work.

Talking to Andrew taught me that you don’t need a classic studio space and how much your space can influence your work. His studio is located on his farm where hhe is iinfluence by the surrounding moorland.


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