‘Tense Conversation’ 2016 (Crit show)

Explores the relationship between objects, humour, tension and functionality. Through the juxtaposition of objects within a mechanical object. The visible string connects the objects and creates physical tension within the piece.

An evolution of my early piece for ‘No Ordinary Disruption’ at The Flying Dutchman, developed for the first Crit show this year. The idea was to play with expectations, with the combination of objects creating a narrative. The three things being the door handle, a bike and a phone, but not just any phone an out of date unusable dial up phone. The addition of the fishing wire creates a literal and physiological link between the objects. The handle is an invitation, with the placement of it at the standard door handle height. An invitation that is not always welcoming especially with the visible fishing wire creating physical and emotional tension between the two. After talking to Matthew Weir about the piece I realised that the presence of the wire was vital, their was a temptation to hide the wire behind the wall however, Matthew said that it it was not their the piece would become more novel, and I agree. The wire makes it so their is more at stake, more risk as you can see the tension, asking the question what if? It goes back to the subconscious. What drew me to their objects, a subconscious personal connection?

Just like the handle activates the noise of the bells, the noise activates memories and connections for the viewer.


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