Gavin Turk (Reflection)

Gavin Turk made many interesting points that gave me a lot to consider during his talk;

He stated that images of the work are not the work. Perhaps for someone like Turk who does not take the images of his pieces but for me the image can be the work, it has the artists authorship, decisions of framing, composition etc. I have found that the image can become more than the original work, elevating and changing it. Making a new work. As with Steel Shuttle.


Art is a conversation, a discourse, a chance to talk to an audience. What is the way people should look at the work? people bring their own experiences and perceptions to the art. Art is a combination of the artist and the audience, both are authors of the work. I need to consider the idea of art as a theoretical prop in order to force the audience to consider the moment of looking.

Pile Gavin Turk.jpg

Pile 2003 (painted bronze)

Art is not just simply the object but it could be the performance of looking.

When talking about L’Age d’or 2011 Bronze Turk referenced that age old dad joke; When is a door not a door? When its a jar. Which has influenced my thoughts regarding my dissertation thinking about threshold, and the invitation a open door makes apposed to a close door that repels.


L’Age d’or 2011 (Bronze)

The question that kept coming to mind when viewing Turks work and hearing him speak was why no the original? Why go to the effort of remaking all these objects? The answer;

“I suppose that it is too easy. The easy Gavin Turk. I think it is because I wanted to fix that moment, deal with illusion and reality. The sculpture is about questioning reality, using the forgery to talk about the real.” – Gavin Turk 2016



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