Rigging up the phone…

The piece I made for ‘No Ordinary Disruption’ was not resolved the element that carried the piece was the activation of the object through sound. The actvation of the object was dependent on human interaction, although it was not nesessery to tell people to interac with the piece, the fact people did might have been more down to the setting rather than the curiosity of the individual towards the object.  So I have been brainstorming ways of activating the object that either encourages the ‘audience’ to interact without vocalising or signs, or making it so the object is animated independently.

I saw an exhibition a couple of weeks ago that has really opened my eyes to the possibility of animated at, through handles or buttons. Tim Lewis “Beneath and above” at The Flower Gallery.

The humor of the object is the way into the work. However the work could be more strange if it was self animated or it the object did something unexpected. With the ‘viewer’ interacting directly with the object there is a danger of devaluing the object.

We are conditioned to think ‘things’ that are moving or making sounds are alive.


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