Ideas … (Sept 2016)

What is it?

Small things disrupting bigger things. Disruption of the’essential’. Thinking about utility, variability, nostalgia and contradictions.

Why do it?

To investigate how far I can push an object through removal and/or replacement of elements until it is no longer the original object. Take a basic household broom for example, say the brush becomes warn and needs to be replaced. So you do exactly that you replace the brush of the broom, keeping the original handle is it the same object? Perhaps. It is at least half the original. But what happens when in a few years you replace the handle? Surely this is not the same object as before, but if you think about humans, our atoms change every seven years or so, so by that logic we are not the same. But of course we are, we are sentient beings so unlike the broom we still hold onto memories and thoughts. But lets not cast out the broom just yet,yes physically it is a different object but the function remains the same, it continues to be used in the same way by the same people, we think of it as the original.

There are concerns with the value we place on objects whether this be overvalue as with modern technologies or undervalue as with utilitarian objects. Funnily enough the same idea as the broom can be placed on that oh so essential piece of tech you so deeply rely on (we are all guilty of this), essentially these devices have memory, a memory that can be transferred between devices, so when you get that new iPhone and restore all your memory form your last phone, the new phone becomes the old.

How to do it?

Through looking at the more mechanical side, choosing objects that are outdated and unused which in times gone by we would have held in high importance. I will disrupt these objects through the pairing of unlikely objects, with the intention to make them comical, almost stupidly so. I will explore the possibility of showing this through sculpture or documentation of sculpture, potentially images or video (activating the objects).


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