RA Summer Show 2016 (Review)

The fine art sculpture room (Lecture Room) was hectic to say the least but there where a few pieces that stood out. William Alexander, Reinventing The Wheel, 2016 a cardboard tire from a tractor, was simple but different to anything displayed in previous years. The finish was not particularly polished but this looked deliberate, highlighted by its setting. The work in this room indicated the need for bold and unique work as many pieces were easy to overlook. An aspect that  is important to carry through to my practice particularly in group shows where more intricate pieces have a tendency to blend in.

reinventing-the-wheelWilliam Alexander, “Reinventing The Wheel”, 2016.

Having said that I had the chance to visit the show twice which allowed me to explore pieces that I had previously walked past, notably Jimmy Cauty, The Bridge, 2016, a piece I had seen but dismissed as simply a 10ft shipping container. However upon further inspection I noticed peep holes in the outer shell of the container where you had to bend down to reveal a detailed model of a bridge, street lamps and all. The idea of art having unrevealed components which the viewer has to really be engaged to find is something I want to bring into my work, finding the balance between initial impact and development.

the bridge outsied.jpg

Jimmy Cauty, “The Bridge”, 2016. (Installation view)

the bridge.jpgJimmy Cauty, “The Bridge”, 2016. (Internal View)





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