Taking the Hammock out of the Gallery:

As I was concerned with the frame being the only method of supporting the hammock I decided to take the hammock out of the studio and away from the frame and suspend it from two trees in a forest. I decided to use cable as the rope as from my experience working with it in the badminton set I knew that it could hold a lot of weight and tension. I created a loop at each end of the lengths of cable with the ties and fixed a large carabina to each._DSC0107

The problem came when trying to find two trees the right distance apart, both with branches in a ‘Y’ shape to hook the cable around. Once I had spent what seemed like hours scouting for trees we found two that I thought would work. Actually installing the hammock was easy, attaching one carabina to the loop at the top of the hammock on each side and then wrapping the cable around the tree multiple times and clipping it back on.



I think the result is much more interesting than the stand alone hammock, It becomes less of an art piece and more of an object, it also looks more like it has or will be used. The hammock hung like this with the cable has been accepted to be shown in the Frimley Park Hospital sculpture Garden from September 2016, for a year.



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