Hammock final pieces:

_DSC0005Making this hammock took a very long time. Mainly waiting for materials to arrive but I was also concerned with making the finish as high a possible as This work will be going on to be displayed in an exhibition at the Lacey Gallery in Notting Hill in early June. The hammock represents community and support, referencing the web of the digital age that has over thrown the paperclip. The links represent unity and structure.


I was really pleased with the finish, it is very sturdy and the netting falls exactly how it would if a person were to be inside. This implied absence adds to the idea that this object could be functional although it clearly is not when you look at it.


The main problem I had with this is the black frame. It is of course essential for the support of the fabricated object but is the colour distracting? I toyed with the idea of spray painting it silver but I eventually came to the conclusion that it was not about the frame, the frame is just there to show ans support the object. Following on form that I wondered if the frame was the only way of supporting the object. Of course it is not, before frames people hung hammocks from trees with ropes.



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