Live Project 2: (Finding an artist)

We discussed what we wanted the intervention to be about and constructed a proposal with this in mind. We wanted the artist to feel like they had creative control of the intervention, making sure we did not make the proposal too structure and detailed so the artist felt they could not put their own spin on the idea. We are providing the context and location as tools for the artist to create a response.

Amber posted the proposal onto curator space :

I posted the proposal onto ‘I send you this’:

And we are all looking at artists or universities we can approach directly with the proposal.

We are a group of Fine Art students who are looking to stage an intervention on Dover beach as a reaction to the European treatment of Syrian refugees. We are looking to collaborate with a performance artist who has had previous experience with political critique and is willing to make a site specific performance piece. As the curators however we will take a back seat and the chosen artist will dictate the nature of the work. The work could be interactive so that members of the public can watch, record or take part in the piece. We will provide travel expenses for the 5th of April.

We want to break down the imposed social barriers which divide different cultures, so that a group of people can come together to challenge the treatment of fellow humans in Calais. We have decided to position this piece in Dover, the closest point in the UK to the refugee crisis, to create a united front facing Calais.

  • Performance artist
  • Interactive, site specific work that responds to the refugee crisis in Calais
  • Available for the 5th of April
  • Location: Dover Beach
  • Travel expenses paid for



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