Live Project 2: (Location)

For the location of our intervention we decided upon Dover, focusing on the ongoing refugee crisis in Calais in particular what is happening in the ‘Jungle’. Dover is the closest point in the UK to Calais and the ‘Jungle’. The location plays host to one of the main routes into and out of France/ Europe. Dover is also the location of ‘The White Cliffs of Dover’ , a landmark that has connitations relating to the second world war. Providing references to alternative crises ad forming a sort of barrier to the UK.

I have been researching possible locations around this location, it is essential that the White cliffs be visible,the location must be car park accessible and we will also have to contact the council for permission to film as the last thing we want is to get all the way down to Dover and be sent packing!

National Trust:


  • car park on site
  • view of the cliffs
  • high footfall (dependent of weather)
  • view of eastern dock terminal
  • view of beach not sure if there is access

Dover Harbour:,-Shakespeare-Beach-and-Samphire-Hoe.aspx


  • shingle beach
  • parking near by
  • view of cliffs in near distance
  • very high footfall
  • close to town

Shakespeare Beach:,-Shakespeare-Beach-and-Samphire-Hoe.aspx


  • shingle beach
  • coastal walk
  • bit of a walk from parking
  • close up views of the cliffs
  • quite location (set in a bay)
  • access to beach via footpath





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