Tutorial with artist (Mathew Weir):

This tutorial kind of turned into a therapy session, Mathew has a knack of almost forcing you to answer questions that you think you do not know the answer to. Although through his silence in the absence of an answer you are forced to come up with one. I found my answers to these questions surprised me, almost coming from my subconscious. He asked me why the paperclip? Why the fishing net? Why Badminton? and I answered with my usual answer revolving around the materiality and functionality etc. But Mathew noticed that I mentioned my Dad in relation to all of these objects. Wether this being a subconscious choice or by design I realised that the route to my fascination with these objects was to do with my childhood and my dad. My dad is very important to me but I don’t necessarily think that is it, I think these objects represent the structure and support I find with my dad and through creating objects that literally hold things.

This revelation made me more confident in my choice of material, I previously thought I was hanging onto these objects for want of something better to do. i have been pushing for these objects to be recognised for their rejuvenated functionality forgetting that they are functioning as artwork regardless of wether they work or not. And the function of Artwork is to raise questions. The precious nature of art is something that I previously worked with in my work last year, the elevated status linking to the idea of holding onto something, a person, a moment or even a material. I want to move away from making my work functional, I feel that the hammock I am making would work better if it can’t be touched / used, focusing on the well made, intricate elegance of the structure. People will of course want to sit on it so frustration becomes an element to the work. The object of the hammock will that on image and symbolism, people are aware it is functionless as an object but it will function as a symbol.


I looked at the work of Mona Hatoum and her swing pieces. In making the object unfuntional I am placing more importance on the finish and the display of the work. The novelty it lost. I like the lighting and layout of Hatoum’s work seemingly hi lighting the objects normalise but at the same time creating tension through the want to use.





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