Tutorial with artist (Paul Johnson):

I came away from this tutorial a little confused, I have had quiet a few tutorial from different people who have differing opinions on what I should do next. Paul asked me wether I thought I was done with the paperclip? On one hand I feel that there are many more things I can do with this material, and like Louise Ashcroft said in my last tutorial I am beginning to see my work as a series. On the other hand though I don’t want to get stuck just with one material. Paul seemed to share this opinion saying that I was a tricky case and he did not want to tell me to do something new but at the same time did not want to tell me to keep going. What I feel I need to do is find a new material that allows me to work with the themes of domestic and redundancy that I am interested in, but at the same time continue to make with the paperclips, adding to the series.

We also talked about the functionality of the object/ objects I am creating. I initially intended to construct the hammock out of paperclips so that it could be used however talking to Paul I realised this undermined what I was trying to achieve. In making the work functional I would be making it comical and approachable. Whereas I want people to focus on the material and the context rather than creating a representation.

We talked about transformative moments, the addition of a material to the shell of  an object like I did with the badminton rackets is a transformative moment, manipulating materials and creating that element of surprise through this ‘alien’ material. Do I have to create more of a surprise? Or is the subtle surprise of the changed element enough? I guess people on my course know me a paperclip girl so the surprise of the paperclip is lost on them, but would it be on a wider audience. In relation to the idea of transformative moments I looked at the work of Roger Hiorns pouring blue crystals onto engine parts, although this does not link to my work in terms of context it does with the idea of addition and how that can alter the integrity and undermine the function of an object whilst retaining its ‘iconic’ shape.

Untitled 2006 by Roger Hiorns born 1975
Untitled 2006 Roger Hiorns born 1975 Purchased 2007 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/T12456

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