Live Project 2: (Initial Ideas)

Live Project 2: (First Meeting)

We wanted to find a subject that we were all interested in but due to the broad range of practises within our group involving medium, concept and style, we are considering taking a ‘political’ stance for our intervention as it is a concept/theme that we are all interested in although it is not necessarily present in our works at this time

Once we had decided on this very broad theme we need to narrow down this stance to one idea. Some ideas we have had include the Refugee Crisis, the constant changing nature of tuition fees, the In/Out referendum etc.

When it comes to artists ideally we would like to collaborate with a graduate, MA student or practising artist, but before we do this we need to narrow down our concept to ensure that we can find the most appropriate artist.

For each of the possibilities we did some research to narrow it down: It became clear that we as a group where more interested and moved by the refugee crisis. We look out for stories which contain a particular image or theme: The doors of houses for migrants have been painted red making those living there an easy target.

Refugees forced to give up jewellery and ‘valuable assets’ to ‘pay for help’.

The destruction of schools, churches and libraries in the Jungle in Calais, a place where the vulnerable are supported yet the authorities are brutal.

Police use anti-terrorism powers to detain volunteers taking aid to Calais

Asylum seekers given wristbands, labelled as if subject to a dictatorial regime.We will consider staging our intervention outside London, if it is more appropriate to the piece and have a larger impact, Dover? Ai Weiwei has covered the Konzerthaus venue in Berlin with lifejackets washed ashore in Greece. 


Backpacks have weight now, though less than lifejackets. Martin Creed has possibly done some work on the migrant crisis, Amber to find out more through Black Box connection?


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