Like the tennis raquet was a test for the badminton raquets I made tester shuttlecocks I knew all purpose glue would work thanks to my previous experiments. I cut the cone part of the shuttle click of and flatterened it out drawing around the shape and replacing it with the paperclip in ordered rows. I then covered it in glue and left it to dry. Once it had dried I peeled it off the table and bent it back into the cone shape fixing it togeter top and bottom with exta paperclips. And gluing it back into the cork.

The only problem was the glue was visible. I tried spay painting them but if anything it hilighted it more and stoped the paperclips being recognisable. I tried defeating this soldering the joints rather than gluing but this did not allow for bending the cone back in shape.


The shuttlecocks were not as flimsy as I thought, the glue made the more flexible. And they bounced very well. The weighting was off though with the weight supposed to be in the cork. The paperclips reversed this. As a result people who claimed they were good at badminton struggled getting pretty angry at the object and themselves.


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