Tennis and Badminton Racquet (tests and improvements)


I was researching objects that had grids or nets, I came up with the idea of the tennis racquet. The idea was to remove the wire and replace that with a grid of paperclips. However I removed the wire before looking at how it was strung. I did not consider that the paperclips would need something to attach to. I tried to fix this problem by looping um unwound paper-clip through the holes in pairs and twisting it to create a loop. This achieve the attachment but made the outside of the racquet very sharp. I had to shorten paperclips at the edges of certain columns and rows so that the ‘string’ was taught. to combat the sharp edges I wrapped the frame of the racquet with duct tape. Which was very visible so I decided to spray paint the entire object. This did not work! the paint did not stick to the tape and pooled around the paperclip joins.



When going into the badminton rackets I thread fishing wire through the frame to create the loops this not only combatted the spikey problem but also the ishing wire has a bit of five in it so it ment I did not have to shorten any of the paperclips. And instead of creating the grid by linking 4 paperclips together I weaved lines of single paperclips in and out of each other. This worked pretty well the fishing wire have it enough tension to work at least to some level and it looked similar to the original. The rackets did break after use but I expected this the to the force people were playing with. This adds to the ridiculousness of the object.


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