Kitchen Project,(Press Release):

We came up with the name ‘Abattoir’ to reinforce the narrative of the show linking the works of Michael and Hilde together. The premise of the exhibition has changed a lot since our initial proposal, due to finding Michael Alstad’s work. His piece ‘Methane’ opened up new possibilities for the narrative moving away from simply restoring function back into the kitchen to showing the horrors of what this does to the environment. The video itself is quite disturbing referencing mass production and industrial farming. The concept of the exhibition shifted  due to this to the abattoir becoming displaced by its placement into the site of a domestic kitchen thus creating a Heterotopia. Hilde’s work ‘Rub’ acts as a response to Michael’s work finalising the narrative of the show imitating the feelings of the viewer.

Like the poster we did not wan to spell out the narrative of the show, wanting viewers to come about their conclusions in an unbiased way. So for the information in the press release we kept it simple, only alluding slightly to the concept of the show and the individual pieces within.

The text reads as follows:

Abattoir 14TH January 2016 22 Weydon Hill Close, Farnham GU9 8PA Open 1pm-4pm

Abattoir is an exhibition focussed on portraying the kitchen space as a heterotopia, where the function of the domestic space is displaced, and replaced with concepts of consumerism. The kitchen is reimagined as an extension of the abattoir, and acts as the transient space between the industry and the consumer. With work from Michael Alstad and Hilde Khron Huse, Abattoir aims to explore performance work as a means to re-invite function into a space, using sound and video to facilitate this. Heterotopia refers to physical and non-physical space, though in Abattoir this is applied through the separation of the kitchen from the domestic space, where control and mass production is utilised to feed the industry.

‘Methane’ – Michael Alstad’s appropriated video work was originally for ‘New Climates’ an online exhibition that explores the relationship between art and climate change. The work uses existing media footage of industrial farming and uses video montage techniques to expose the environmental issues that exist within the meat industry and its effect on climate change.

‘Rub’ – Hilde Khron Huse’s piece connotes “the trace and impact emotions and the personal internal have on a physical person” (Huse) using a dense black material to provide physical context. Huse’s works are predominantly performative, focussed on the physicality of the subject and its supporting narrative.

Curators: Abi Miller, Alison Ingham, Harry Clark, Larina Baker, Laura Rowe


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