Kitchen Project, (Poster):



For the poster I wanted it to be simple, one image that was ambiguous enough to not tell the whole narrative but at the same time intrigue people and alert them to the general concept of the show. As far as the information went, we wanted that to be simple too, the title of the show ‘Abattoir’ was enough coupled with the image to suggest the concept and the only other relevant information was the who, where and when.

The image I chose was from Michael Alstad’s ‘Methane’, one of the more subtle images relating to the horrific subject matter of his piece. At first glance it is not obvious what the image is depicting it actually looks quite beautiful, however it is quite the opposite the title of the show alludes to the fact that it is a cattle farming plant.

For the layout of the poster I took the poster I made for our recent London show ‘Subversion 0.5’ as a starting point, there was not as much information needed on this poster so I relocated the text towards the bottom of the poster so that the image was not obscured too much and like the London poster I made the textbook opaque for the same reason.

We distributed the posters around campus and the surrounding area, as well as using it to create an art rabbit event. See here.


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