Subversion 0.5: set up and thoughts

12309163_921689311254097_973634221_n.jpgWhen it came to setting up the exhibition we had to make a  few changes to our planed layout, due to things like lighting, the positioning of beams and equipment issues. In hindsight it would have been a good idea to visit the space before the exhibition to get a feel for the space and have the potential to make more site specific work.

John’s Piece stole the show however the set up for his piece was awful! The TV the gallery supplied was not USB compatible and he spent most of the day scouting the local area for a converter. Thankfully we hired a projector as a just in case (a lesson well learnt) and although it was not how we had originally intended to show the work we projected it onto a wall in the back space of the gallery which we reduced the light in so that the 3 video pieces would work their. The large projection made stopped John’s work from being quiet and the audio was the first thing you noticed when entering the gallery.


Everyone else works were easy enough to install, the screws were a bit tricky as the walls were so crumbly but we got there. With my work we intended to hang it from hooks on the left hand wall but when we entered the space for the first time we saw that there were beams running above the entirety of the opposite wall. It would have been silly not to use this so we swapped mine and James’ work over.

There was track lighting in the gallery and thanks to my work at South hill Park I was able to adjust this to enhance the work.


I was pleased with how my work looked, the colourful frames to the nets contrasted with the white walls. It really helped to see the work outside of the studio and become site specific by using the beams. The use of the beams made it possible to walk between the nets, knocking them slightly making them bump into each other. This whole experience of organising and setting p our own show has been very valuable.



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