Kitchen Project: Contacting artists

We have not had that much luck finding artists for this exhibition, the reality is that not many established artists have the time to make new work for an exhibition on a kitchen. To solve this problem I thought that we could contact students and ask them to take part as a sort of collaboration. We could advertise the benefit the show would have to them in networking and sending them the supporting work for their own portfolios. Also giving them an opportunity to work to a brief and deadline that they might not have considered before.

When thinking about contacting students the best way I could think of was to contact the course leaders directly and ask them to pass on the opportunity to their students. I spent time scouring arts universities sites to identify tutors and course leaders of fine art, in particular tutors that specialise in performance art.  So far I have contacted course leaders at; Central St Martin’s, Goldsmiths, and the RA.

To whom this may concern,

I am an art student from UCA Farnham midway through a curation project. A group of us are curating an exhibition in a disused kitchen space, with the ideas of functionality, hetrotopia and restoring purpose back into the space through performance.

We are asking a number of artists to take part by sending us short 5min videos of them responding to this idea in there own kitchens ready for the exhibition in early January. These videos would be projected into cupboards and appliance, with monitors in draws.

We were wondering if you could pass this opportunity along to any of your students who might be interested in taking part. We would of course send them images and supporting work for their own portfolios.

Thank you
Laura Rowe
(UCA Farnham)

Alongside this I also contacted a friend of mine at Loughborough doing Fine Art who I remember doing a performance piece in her kitchen for our final major project on Foundation.  I asked her if she would be interested and if anyone else on her course might be interested. She said that it sounded like a interesting idea and that she would be interested and passed it along to others on her course.


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