Activating the net:

It became clear that I needed to activate the net in some way, the way I displayed the net in crit show two was internationally alluding to the way in which the object might/would be used. However this became very pictorial and wad not enough to activate the object.

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I took the net down to a local fishing pond and got people to use the net. Obviously I did not want to and it was not possible for this action to actually catch fish but the placement of the net in these context was enough to activate it. From the ripples on the surface of the water to the bits of pondweed stuck to the net.

The one thing that was not apparent when the net was suspended in the studio was that the paperclips made the net very top heavy and in a few of the images this is seen and looks unnatural. It does however indicate the futility and redundancy of the object, that is not realised in the context of the gallery or studio.


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