Kitchen Project Proposal (draft)

This Heterotopian Kitchen  project will create an interactive installation of approximately five short videos of around 5 mins on differing size of screen/ projection, located and or projected into the space of a disused kitchen. These videos will be recorded by different performance based artists in their own kitchen or alternative, consisting of the artist responding to the idea of restoring function to the space.  The space itself will be stripped of all content, and appliances excluding the fridge and cooker. Although the kitchen still appears to have function the removal of these items will make the space unusable and non-functional. It will be the job of the artists to restore this function through their performances, creating traces of actions, a ghost like projection of events that could be possible in the space. Our job as curators will be to locate these videos throughout the kitchen, making use of draws and cupboards, and edit the videos timing and sound, playing with the potential for overlapping.

Artists work to consider when making the response, include Guy Ben-Ner’s “Stealing Beauty” and Martha Rosler’s “Semiotics of the kitchen”


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