Subversion 0.5 Poster

We looked at a number of posters for exhibition and decided that we wanted the poster to be very simple consisting of just one image. Chris, James, John and I met to create a template on Photoshop so we could test out different images. We spent time considering the text content, the font, the size and orientation. We decided on this simple, clear font in caps lock with the only information being the title, location, date and artist names. We considered adding information about the show but Amber pointed out that it looked too crowded.

We liked the individual posters and though that they would look interesting displayed together in the gallery but we all decided that we should pick one image for all the flyers and posters that we put up and sent out to people, to have a uniformed poster for all the advertising. We chose the poster with an image of my paperclips, we thought that the macro photograph showed a element of the show without actually showing a full work that would be in the show.



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