Net of Steel: Crit Show 2

The  idea behind this piece was to replace an element of an object with paperclips whilst not completely stripping the object of its function or design. The grid like order of the paperclips, is similar in appearance to a net. The pattern itself was not consistent but I reworked it so that it matched, rather than starting with a square, the net starts with a circle made by twisting a paperclip. The number of paperclips attached to the circumference determine the width of the net.

Practically there where a few problems; the method of making the net is time consuming, fiddly and kept getting tangled. It was easier to add to make the net in continuous circles around a bottle. The net itself was quite heavy and once attached to the rod, I was worried that it would snap. This issue was combated by the method of display. I wanted represent the function of the object through the way it was hung. A downwards angle into the room, imposing coming in from above. For this I needed a brick to brick corner, as the net was too heavy to be supported by the MDF walls. I used fishing wire and screws to achieve a seamless hang. The angle of the wires meant that they were almost impossible to see.DSC_0071

Once the entire show was up it lost its imposing nature, In a room full of objects and paintings it got lost. The scale of the object was not powerful enough nor was its location, although the corner was the best option for the type of hanging I wanted, the net became a little lost. If it had be obstructive and/ or larger it would have had more impact. A larger scale would be almost comical, like the work of Claes Oldenburg.

In a crit with Paul we talked about the work moving away form the ideas of accumulation, order and repetition and becoming about space. Fitting a space and becoming a space, the way it affects things. Does it stretch into the space? Does it divide a space? We also talked about the idea of creating a narrative, the possibilities for utilitarian.


When talking to Amanda I referd to the piece as a fishing net, she stopped me and said I was wrong, the object itself is not a fishing net it is in the form of a fishing net but that is it. It is a replica.


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