Michael Craig Martin: “Transcience” at The Serpentine (24th Nov 2015)

Michael Craig Martin: “Transcience” at The Serpentine (24th Nov 2015)

We went to this exhibition more by chance than planning, we were in the area and decided to go along. Obviously we did not expect to talk to the artist what with him being the highest selling artist still alive today. Nor in fact did we expect him to be there at all. However in the final room of the exhibition we saw him surrounded by loads of people, wherever he went the followed almost stalking him through the space. Thinking it would be a missed opportunity if we did not speak to him we joined the crowd. After waiting a while we approached, knowing it would be a brief encounter, it was a bit like Liu Jianhua’s exhibition with people he seemed to know constantly tapping him on the shoulder.

It was more of an awkward encounter than previous private views, but an encounter none the less. We said that we were art students particularly interested in the curation of the show. Jokingly he said that he would not of guessed and went on to say that it was a carefully considered curation, between him and the curator. It was not the most useful conversation but the confidence it brought was great, if we have talked to Michael Craig Martin then the were not many people we could not talk to. imageimage


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