Manifestos in Art, their Role and Impact

Manifestos in Art, their Role and Impact

My notes from a lecture by Tom Dale.

The Manifesto of Futurist –F T Marinetti 1909


Futurists come straight out of industry. There is not a logical production to their work its more about unleashing the work. Propaganda, should somehow raise our expectations, provoke in a different ways, it feels like we should buy into a lifestyle.

Odd claims, strange for people to talk like this. It’s a different language has to have energy behind it as word of mouth. Designed to give an impact as words/ a set of ideas.

Mechanical application, becomes a corrupting power.

About force. About produce a set of rules/ideas that have an impact. Misleading as a political manifesto as it has poetry.

The Post-Futurist Manifesto – Franco Berardi, February 2009

The Post-Futurist Manifesto 2009

Different form Marinetti, softer almost intimate. Defining a relationship, defining ideas by promoting a relationship. Taking on the futurist idea of speed and automobile and saying that we need to slow down. The impact of technology as a paralysis, entrapment. Is not about achievement/ the need to reach goals. Technology in a way is like an external network that is a nervous system to us.

Idealistic, might not be achievable but it is still about what is possible. Changes the perimeters of what we are thinking is within.

Comes from a book called after the future. The idea of things being plural/multiples ties in with the idea of the future. Berardi rejects the future to focus on the present. About relationships, how people are being treated now, their rights. Seems like a foreign language to write what you expect to change, a kind of floral language.

I Am For…Claes Oldenberg (statement, 1961)


Humorous, resonates with Marinetti’s manifesto, starts out logical, ends up somewhere else, more poetic than Marinetti. Postmodern? Got another 20 years until post modernism. Insistence and repetition, I am for an art… force of the personality coming through, gives velocity, not everything has to make sense. Art can be found everywhere. Manifesto is useful, almost like a materials list, can be used as a set of ideas/ values that you can return to. They don’t revile everything straight away. Portrait of the time.

I am for an Art… (After Claes Oldenburg) – Carey Young 2006

What is it about the framework of a museum that changes how work is seen? Talking about the privatisation of public spaces. BP sponsoring the TATE, identified this problem before it occurred, art as a ‘cleaning’ method. This relationship/dynamic that Young identifies has been simmering away on the surface for a long time. This manifesto is looking at the relationship between art and cooperation’s. Arts role is unsure, the I is art, she speaks on behalf of Art. Arts role when we think about selling things and making money is compromise. The compromise of artwork in relation to galleries and corporations that sponsor it.

Fishili and Weiss:

387947202_03550cf046_o (1).jpg

Is this a manifesto? Is it ambitious? Will this be useful to your studio practice?

It reads differently on the side of the building than in a book, you may stumble upon the text and assign your own meaning. The words seems like a demand. Scale is one of the most basic techniques for artists.

10 points that you think are important to make my work:

  1. Clear space
  2. Clear mind/ Focus
  3. Abundance of materials
  4. Quiet/productive noise
  5. Energy ( Food and Drink)
  6. Starting point, whether it be an object, a material or a piece of text etc.
  7. Time away from the work to come back and view it in a new light
  8. Experiment and test
  9. Document
  10. Repeat

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