Work in Progress : Paperclip Cups

I wanted to change the form of my paperclips, moving away from the flat, 2D shapes and taking insperation from the covering of forms and objects present in my summer projects. I wanted to give the illusion of a consealed form, the paperclips frozen naturally as if draped over a form that is no longer present. I had n idea if this would work, I used all purpose glue to secure the individual joints. I knew this glue is strong and  would dry clear, not wanting to give away the illusion. My main consern was the weight of the grid, the paperclips are deceptively heavey. I started with the simple form of a plastic cup, and draped the paperclip mesh over it so that it did not just fall down to the edge of the cup but cascade past it. Making the form less defined and relating more to the idea of concealment.

I was suprised at how well they worked, the plastic cup provided an excellent surface to peel the glue off easily. The form is supportive of itself whichever  way it is placed. These different placements have links to different objects/forms. Upright links to the cup/bowl a reseptical, upside down links to a cage/ entrapment.  On its side links to a birdnest, open and aproachable. I wonder what these placements would do on a larger scale, if the glue would suport the weight or if I found an alternative way of achiving this.

DSC_0855 (2)



The photos almost work more that the object itself , the shots with a great depth of feild create strange images, dipicting  weirdly impossible objects/forms. The reflection of the glue in some of these images although potentially givng the game away, creates another point of mystery.

DSC_0868 (2) DSC_0873 (2)DSC_0879 DSC_0885 DSC_0887


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