Artist Statement:(2015)

In my practice I am interested in the everyday, the ordinary and the overlooked. Elements which interlink with one another, providing a source for material as well as the potential of working with the objects themselves. These readymades become components of my work, taking a single readymade material and altering it or adding to it to create a whole object that is not itself a “readymade” object. I am interested in the theories of Jean Boulrilard in connection with this concept of the readymade.

This interest in readymade materials links to production/manufacturing, short processes that produce vast amounts of material. The intension of my practice is to input labor into these materials, elongating the production time, working in methodical and repetitive ways, combining  vast numbers of these materials. Labor that cannot necessarily be seen or applauded, like the polyurethane sculptures of Fischli and Weiss.

With the concept of labor my practice evolved to focus more on repetition and accumulation, leading into an interest in form whilst still keeping that underlying theme of labor. The repetition often manifests in the form of grids, influenced by research into Rosalind Krouss. The grid as a known, a constant form present in the day-to-day lives of the masses.


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