Kitchen Heterotopia Project: Initial Ideas From the Fist Meeting (10.11.15)

Kitchen Heterotopia Project: Initial Ideas From the First Meeting (10.11.15)

As the majority of us in the group commute to Uni, the resource of kitchens was low, so we quickly began to brainstorm alternatives. As a group we liked the idea of a disused kitchen space, stripped bare, without appliances and the odd door or simply just a site where there once was a kitchen. With the idea to restore function to this site, in the shape of a performance, weather that be live in the space or documented through video.

We thought about a number of spaces that would fit our idea, kitchens from run down businesses like cafes and restaurants that have shut, the idea of the eerie feel these places that once hosted hundreds of people would have. We could work with a combination of performance, video and sound or just one of these to achieve a trace like remnant or memory of an action into the space.

Alternatively we talked about other possible spaces that would work with the theme if we altered then slightly, say by removing the content of the cupboards and appliances. As well as spaces that would have a different theme altogether. At this stage everything was purely spectacle so the more options the better. For the disused space we thought of the old rundown building of Café Rouge in farnham, we did not know what state it was in weather the kitchen had been stripped or left like a ghost like scene exactly how it would have been after its last service. Both options where interesting and had potential. However obtaining a place like that would prove to be difficult. We could use a already functioning kitchen and take that function away so Abi’s kitchen became a possibility. As did the kitchen from the school Harry’s Dad works at, although this could host another theme, of changed function. It would be unlikely that we could alter such a kitchen physically but the potential could be to alter the kitchens function through performance, video and sound. The same could be said about our final idea of Larina’s work’s kitchen.

Both the ideas we had revolve around altered function, with the medium at this moment steering towards performance, video and sound. As for artists the first artist that came to mind was Guy Ben-Ner ( The IKEA guy). Ben-Ner used the site of IKEA as a stage to create a film that dissolved the boundaries between his studio practice, his domestic life and the everyday world. His work is a conceptual comedy portraying himself his wife and two children in a sit-com like style. In an ideal world Ben-Ner is the kind of artist we would want for this project, however he is a big name and the likelihood of him being interested is slim.

As we are centring around the idea of performance, Hilde Krohn Huse sprung to mind, with the idea to ask her to preform on site of make a video piece for us. As for other artists we where a little stuck other than fellow students. So we planned to research artists that fit the ideas we had.

We talked about the possible curation of the space, either the performance in space or the projection of the performance acting as a trace/ghost/memory of an action.
The curation, could be playing with the sound and placement of the projections if thats what we go with or for a live performance curation of content, clothing and lighting.




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