Gosia Lapsa-Malawska:”Lost Identity” at The Muse Gallery

Gosia Lapsa-Malawska: “Lost Identity” at the Muse Gallery (11th Nov 2015)

For our third private view we found, Gosia Lapsa-Malawska’s exhibition “Lost Identity” which explored the visual manifestations of our minds eye. The mostly 2D wall based work is very different to my practice, and the gallery was a much smaller less commercial gallery than the other two. That being said the atmosphere of the gallery was very community based, people came up to us to chat and we started a dialogue with a lady that worked there. She said that the majority of the people at the private view where frequent visitors. We spent time looking at the work, thinking of what to ask her, but in actuality when we approached Gosia this prep was not necessary, she seemed more interested in us than our questions. Like the lady before, she was surprised to see unfamiliar faces, asking us how we found the exhibition. We told her we found it on artrabbit, which surprised her joking “ that actually works.”

We told her that we were studying Fine Art at UCA Farnham and she told us that there was the possibility of applying for a residency like her at the gallery next year. She gave us business cards and told us how to apply, giving us advice to just get work out there. We mentioned our upcoming London exhibition and she seemed surprised that we were doing it so soon , and wished us luck adding that the gallery often works with student exhibitions. In regards to her work, she talked about the importance gold has in her work, signifying wealth and representing a dream like status. As well as the banal repetition of the every day was something I was interested in her iPhone indent pieces, the trace of the iconic object enough to signify the consumerist devise. We left this exhibition, elated thinking of the possibilities, this could be us in 10 years.





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