London Show Proposal:

London Show Proposal:

The prospect of doing a independent London show is very exciting, and has been a discussion point between myself and James for a while, we work next to one another and our work often bounces off each other, it seemed like a logical connection, as we both work with materiality and at the moment metallics. We started by considering people who’s work would  our challenge ours, possibly change the context when displayed together or form narratives. Chris’ work also revolves around materiality not just in its sculptural structure but within the content of his videos. Chris’s work has strong links with John’s in relation to narrative. John’s work from the previous crit show had potential but it lacked the space it needed, his appropriated footage is very different to our work but we thought that the connection could be interesting, as well as the curation. We also asked Amber and Abi.

We started looking at possible spaces for the work, we knew that we wanted to do the show either just before or just after our second crit show (before Christmas). This made for quite a tight turn around but we were confident that we could achieve it.  Due to the show being close to our crit show we wanted a space that was different to the studio, away from the white cube.  A space to test our work in a different environment.  James found an artist run space in New Cross, London  called hARTs Lane Studio, so we emailed them to enquire about doing a show.

They emailed back asking us to fill out a proposal form:

Name of person in charge:

James Fish & Laura Rowe

How/where did you hear about HLS?

Whilst researching artist run spaces on the Internet.

Purpose for usage of space:


If you are art students, please give us the following information:

Name of Art College: UCA Farnham

Course: BA Fine Art

Year: 2

Name of tutor / head of year: Paul Vivian

If this exhibition is part of your course, please describe: No this exhibition is independent of the course. We have set up an artist group to display our work outside of uni.

Proposed date and times of the event: 10th to 12th December 2015 (12pm- 5pm) private view on the 10th from 6pm till 9pm.

Title: Subversion 0.5

Short description:

6 artists:

Christopher Beattie :

Laura Rowe:

Abi Miller:

James Fish:

Amber Clausner:

John Connor:


CALJJA is a group of artists living and working in Farnham. Subversion 0.5 is an interim show that brings together our recent work that focuses on the subversion of materiality and context. Bringing together a range of mediums; film, sculpture and installation, Subversion 0.5 focuses on the transformative qualities of materials and their ability to provoke new experiences. Through this exhibition we hope to move away from the institution and white cube and explore alternative gallery spaces. Our intension is to create a dialogue between our work and it’s surroundings, that subverts the viewer’s expectations. As a collective our work touches upon variation of emerging themes; cinema, the everyday, the existential, juxtaposition and process, but ultimately our work exists under the theme of subversion.


Amber Clausner (Installation)


Abi Miller (Video)



Chris Beattie (Video)


Laura Rowe (Sculpture)


James Fish (Sculpture)


Please outline your reasons for wanting to exhibit at HLS, what would you like to gain from it and what are you bringing in:

We want to build up a repore for contemporary exhibition practice within the London art scene. Hart Lane Studios would provide a good opportunity to launch our artist collective and build a relationship with spaces that complement our work with views to revisit and develop.

It is our intention to engage with the local community and organisations by inviting local schools and colleges to attend artist ran talks, focusing on not only our work and practise but also our response to our current experiences of an arts university and the benefits of going to a creative institution.


The whole proposal took two sessions to write, with different combinations of people. The name of the show came easily, we were talking about the show being an interim show and that should reflect in the name hence the 0.5. The subversion came when we where writing the proposal, the word came up when we were thinking of broad themes that encompassed all our work.




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