Works in progress: Paperclip Forms

Something that Hilde Krohn Huse said in her Professional Practice talk really stuck with me, how if you had an idea stuck in your head you had to do it, create whatever it is otherwise you will be stuck in a rut not being able to generate any more ideas. So that is what I have been doing, I still had ideas from the end of last year that I had not realised, and in my head the paperclips where far from resolved. I wanted to treat the paperclip ‘ metal weaving’ more as an object that a material and process. Moving on from the themes of labour and futility and interoperating the ideas of installation from the sink.

  image image image

I was stating to see the object as a net, so I wanted to create these forms that hang like fishing nets maybe old and forgotten. I added more and more points of hanging to the forms creating individual ‘Pieces’ each time a point was added. What started as a condensed form when there where only 2 points became a much more intricate form as points where added. Creating an almost mountainous form. Although I like this form visually, it looks more fabricated, less ‘natural’ than the initial ‘pieces’ that lend themselves more to the form of nets.

  image image

I noticed that the shadow cast by the forms where quite interesting and almost continuous from the form, I played around with light a little (just from my phone) and I think that the lighting of the forms can change the whole of the form. I plan to take out more powerful lights from the stores and play around with this.


Moving forwards apart from technical tweaks and the addition of light, I want to start to replace functioning objects, like nets ( or any other objects the paperclips take the form of) with this ‘fake’ net, playing with functionality and aesthetics.



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