Imposter Towel:


I was annoyed with bathrooms. After crit show 1 and the sink I felt like I was so off track with my work. Last year I was a maker and somehow I felt the sink installation as a cop out. When I think about is, past the surface, the work was about stripping function from a everyday essential object. Very Duchampian. Essentially the opposite of what I was doing last year. I previously concentrated on the process and materiality of the paperclip not really touching on its function. A function to hold. I was focused on elevating its status to that of an art object. Moving on from the sink and incorporating ideas from my summer work I went back to the showrooms with a towel made from paperclips. This towel was completely functionless, if someone were to use it not only would they not be dry but they would end up with scrapes all over their body.


The idea was to replace actual towels and bathmats with this ‘imposter’. The process of getting these images was hard work. I decided not to ask for permission, maybe a good idea next time, and proceeded to run around the store dodging the staff and setting up the shots. The silver contrasts well with the ceramic baths and sinks tying in the taps. It did not work so well on the metal towel rails. I liked the idea of representation how the paperclips could become ‘stand ins’. For this I need to understand the material of the paperclips more, how I could get them to take on form and not just make a 2D grid.

Led on to the idea of juxtaposing too objects … giving surposed function to a functionless object


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