Tester Video Piece…

Developing the image I took last week of the sink with the straw in it, I wanted to accumulate a number of images depicting these generic, everyday objects and document the state the get into as we go about our day to day. The clinical white of the ceramic undermined by its contents, strands of hair, dirt, tissue etc. All of these items are what you expect to find in public bathrooms not like the straw with its random association.  This got thinking about places where this association would be if not ‘random’ then at least a little strange and disgusting. Which lead me onto showroom bathrooms, they project our ‘ideal’, these non-functional sets draw us in showing us what we could have if we were willing to pay the ‘oh so reasonable ‘ price tag. What if these places that were supposed to show ideas instead showed reality. looking at our own sinks and even public bathroom sinks we expect to see the odd hair/ bit of dirt but the one place you would not expect this association would be in the bright, idealistic showrooms or Homebase or B&Q.

There where not enough images in this video, I would like to speed it up a little making each clip around 0.5 seconds rather than 0.7. So that you had time to register parts the image but not to take it all in. There is the potential to create a simlar video of ‘show’ bathrooms either in there bland, clinical for or with the addition of objects like hair/tissues/ dirt.


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