1/2 Hour Response Project (30/09/15)

1/2 Hour Response Project:

I decided to focus on the idea of random association rather than making a response directly to the sculpture. I was influenced by my preliminary research into Richard Wentworth as well as drawing on themes from my previous work. I did not want to stage these associations rather leave it more to chance like Wentworth. Within the time limit I managed to get a number of photographs, some stronger than others. Because I did not physically crate the associations I was photographing the where quite difficult to find and when I did there was a heightened importance to the framing of the image.

Moving forward I should consider the framing more rather than rushing to get a series like I did for this project as well as using a better quality of camera than my ipad. However the ‘crappy’ quality/resolution of the photographs and the prints links to Rachel Harrison. After talking to tutors they suggested that I look the work of Martin Parr. there is a certain honesty in the quality of prints, they are simply just prints!

I was not totally happy with this work although after talking to the tutors and gaining different perspectives I found that the more you look at the images the more links you make. Between  the images themselves and links to art and other media. The misalignment in the composition starts to make sense and look deliberate, the lack of unison between the images jars with the viewer and intrigues you further. They almost look humerus, a break in order, order gone wrong. The action of making this type of work is very dry, you are not physically making, mealy arranging weather that be through framing the photograph or altering the composition.

IMG_1248 IMG_1235 IMG_1234 IMG_1231

The four A4 prints I picked out and displayed in a sort of sequence are more obvious, immediate and modernist. The way they are arranged suggests there are links between the individual images, even implying that they are somehow continuous. When you view them like this you start finding links in form, composition, colour, subject etc.


One picture stood out for me, I liked its simplicity, the composition is very boring mimicking the object that it comprises of. There is a lack of colour, overall the majority of the image is taken up by the clinical white of the sink with the only colour being the generic, yet easily identifiable dark green of the Starbucks straw. The overall image is quite bland. The random association between the objects raises questions, whereas the previous images make sense ( you know how a lime gets into a box of oranges at a supermarket and we have all see this exact image if not a similar one in our day to day lives). Instead this image looks more unknown and uncertain, many conclusions can be drawn. you can crate your own narrative based on individual association and experiences.

The image itself is quite sinister,very Hitchcockesque the sink is quite clinical in appearance due to its colour but at the same time it looks dirty, due to its association with bathrooms and there reputation for being dirty and unhygienic. The sink is a generic object overlooked, just like it association with the straw would be overlooked if you encountered it by  chance rather than through a photograph.


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